Atle is proud sponsor of Stockholm Open

Atle is proud sponsor of Stockholm Open. The tournament is the world’s oldest ATP indoor tournament, over 50 years of history and a world class event. The Stockholm Open was founded in 1969 on the initiative of former world-ranking player Sven Davidsson. This year, Stockholm Open has one of the strongest starting fields in decades with several of the world’s top 20 best players represented.

Atle is recruiting Sofia Beckman as CEO of Atle Investment Services AB

Sofia Beckman has been appointed CEO of the securities company Atle Investment Services AB and also responsible for Atles Hosting.

Sofia has broad experience in trading, risk and regulatory compliance through various positions at SEB. She has most recently been responsible for the bank’s credit analysis of financial institutions and led the work with counterparty analysis and evaluation of hedge fund managers. She has previously worked within the customer responsibility organization with a focus on Nordic fund companies and was responsible for security management of the bank’s derivative transactions.

“I am really looking forward to the assignment and the opportunity to continue developing Atle’s platform for actively managed strategies. It is also a chance to work with some of the market’s most exciting brands and a very competent and innovative team. ” says Sofia Beckman.

“I am happy to welcome Sofia to Atle. Her experience will be an important asset in the development of our offering to managers who want to launch new businesses. ” says Gustav Ohlsson, CEO of Atle.

Atle Investment Services AB is a subsidiary of Atle Investment Management AB that offers services to Atle’s partly owned fund companies and a platform for smaller asset management operations to grow on.

Fondita recrutes portfolio manager Janna Haahtela

Fondita are pleased to announce that Janna Haahtela will be joining Fondita’s portfolio management team as of this autumn. Janna has a M.Sc. in Economics from Hanken, Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki and is a certified financial analyst (CEFA) as well as a certified ESG analyst (CESGA). She most recently comes from Aktia where she has been working as a portfolio manager since 2014, focusing on European equities and ESG investing.

“I am very excited to become a part of Fondita’s successful portfolio management team. I have always appreciated Fondita’s focus on actively managed Nordic and European equity funds and believe that my genuine interest towards responsible investing with a focus on high-quality, growth companies will complement the team nicely” Janna comments.

“Janna has extensive experience within equities and particularly deep insights in ESG investing which fits well into our philosophy. I am completely convinced that Janna will fit in well and strengthen our team. We are delighted to welcome her to Fondita!” Markus Larsson, CEO and Portfolio Manager, comments.

Link to Fondita’s press release: Link

Atle is recruiting Sara Otterbeck as an investment specialist

Sara has many years of experience from the fund industry with a focus on business development, strategy and analysis. She recently came from Danske Bank, where she worked as an investment specialist in wealth management.

“I look forward to continuing to develop the platform that currently exists at Atle with some of the most interesting brands on the market. It will be incredibly exciting to be part of the team and be part of the journey with an innovative company like Atle! ” says Sara Otterbeck.

Sara joins Atle Investment Services, Atle Investment Services, as an investment specialist and will work to develop the group’s joint services.

“We are very pleased that Sara has chosen to start with us and look forward to strengthening our offering for fund companies.” says Gustav Ohlsson, CEO of Atle.

Petter Mattsson recruited as ALCUR Funds new COO

We are very happy that Petter has chosen to work with us. Petter joins as the company’s COO and will work with operational and legal issues at ALCUR Funds.

Petter Mattsson most recently came from Fondbolagens Förening, where he worked with a number of different legal issues concerning UCITS, AIFMD and Sustainable Finance.

Petter has a law degree from Uppsala University and has previously worked as a surface combat officer and navigation officer in the Swedish Armed Forces.

Anders Wallgren new CIO for Gro Kapitalförvaltning

Anders Wallgren has been recruited as new CIO for Gro Kapitalförvaltning. Anders has a long background in asset management, mainly at Swedbank and Swedbank Robur. Recently, Anders has been head of equities and capital management within Special clients and also senior portfolio manager for institutional clients.

“We look forward to continuing to develop our offering in discretionary management towards private customers, foundations and companies together with Anders,” says Lotta Nilert and Christer Ellgren at Gro Kapitalförvaltning.

Anders also has a clear ESG and Impact profile. This profile was further strengthened by his most recent assignment as CIO for the Baltic Salmon Foundation, where sustainability and impact investing were the basis for the wild Baltic Salmon Foundation.

“This is a very interesting and exciting challenge for me, I have followed Gro and Atle for a long time, and made sure that their strategy and profile is completely in line with my values ​​and experiences. During my more than 20 years in the capital markets, a lot has changed. The fact that sustainability and impact are a priority for most asset holders, continues to strengthen the thesis that return drives impact and impact drives return. It will be very exciting to build Gro Kapitalförvaltning further, with a strong foundation in sustainability and impact and in a transparent and efficient way for our customers”, says Anders Wallgren.

Atle appoints Daniel Bodin as the Head of Investor Relations

Atle has appointed Daniel Bodin as Head of Investor Relations. Daniel will be responsible for building Atle’s sales and distribution and will initially focus on Fondita and Humle Fonders funds’ in the Swedish market.

“Daniel Bodin is one of the most reputable and appreciated in the industry and has been at the forefront of marketing sustainable funds. We are very glad to have Daniel onboard and his appointment is an important step in building Atle’s distribution. ” says Gustav Ohlsson, CEO of Atle.

Daniel has a long experience from working with sales towards institutions, third-party distributors and private clients in Sweden. Daniel was was previously at Danske Bank, where he was responsible for the Swedish fund distribution.

“I am delighted and proud to become part of Atle’s team and to work with their fantastic brands of top class actively managed funds. I have followed several of the managers before and have always been impressed by them; therefore, it feels natural and incredibly fun to now represent these funds. I share the same core values and beliefs as Fondita, Humle, TIN and ALCUR, focusing on quality in everything they do from their equity analysis and selection process to their drive and joy of creating something fantastic together. Sustainability is also an area that I am passionate about and have worked a lot with. Sustainable investing will be a core theme for the funds I will start working with and this I believe will make for an exciting future together.” says Daniel Bodin.

ALCUR Select winner of EuroHedge Awards 2020 – 2nd year in a row

The EuroHedge Awards are the most influential hedge fund awards in the annual calendar, with the best performing funds all vying for industry wide recognition and celebration.

For the second year in a row both ALCUR and ALCUR Select were nominated for best hedge fund of the year with tough competition in the categories Specalist Sector Equity and European Equity – under $500m. ALCUR Select for a second time won its category European Equity – under $500m and was named best hedge fund of the year.

With a return of 70.41% and a Sharpe ratio of 2.85, the winner of the European equity – under $500m category was Alcur Fonder’s Alcur Select fund.


ALCUR Select is managed by the team behind ALCUR with Wilhelm Gruvberg has head portfolio manager for the fund.


“Many thanks to all our sponsors for helping us once again to make this event possible – and to all our friends across the industry for their support. Congratulations to all of our winners and I look forward to seeing you in-person at next year’s awards.

Read more about ALCUR here.

ALCUR Hedge fund of the Year – Privata Affärer

ALCUR Funds claims the price of  Hedge fund of the year at Privata Affärer with the fund ALCUR.

”The low-risk fund has generated a positive return 80 percent of all months since its inception – a hard-to-beat result.”, says a jury member.

ALCUR had a positive return of 19 percent in 2020, despite being a low-risk fund. The fund managed to generate positive returns when the pandemic struck in March, while almost all other hedge funds had negative performance.

Read more at Privata Affärer

Atle relaunches Humle Fonder together with the small cap Portfolio Manager Petter Löfqvist

Humle Fonder will focus on sustainable and responsible investments in Nordic growth companies. Humle Fonder currently has two actively managed funds, Humle Småbolagsfond and Humle Sverigefond.

Atle took over the management of Humle Småbolagsfond and Humle Sverigefond from Söderberg & Partners after the turn of the year. In connection with the takeover, we are relaunching Humle’s fund management under the name Humle Fonder together with Petter Löfqvist as the head portfolio manager. Petter most recently came from Danske Bank, where he managed the fund Danske Invest Sverige Småbolag, which had a special focus on sustainable and responsible investments.

“I am absolutely convinced that sustainability is a quality factor that contributes to a better return. Companies that do not take their sustainability responsibility seriously lack quality in my eyes and will lose competitiveness over time. ” says Petter Löfqvist.

Humle Fonder aims to give investors the right return over time. The right return for us means investing in companies that are both sustainable and have strong growth potential, which provides both a good increase in value and a positive contribution to our world. Humle Småbolagsfond is aimed at savers who are looking for a strong growth journey in Swedish small companies, while Humle Sverigefond is aimed at investors who are looking for a global exposure through Swedish international companies.

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to build on Humle’s fine brand and administrative history together with Petter Löfqvist. With Petter, we strengthen our focus on sustainable and responsible investments. ” says Gustav Ohlsson, CEO of Atle.

For information, fact sheets and prospectus see Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. The capital invested in funds can both increase and decrease in value and it is not certain that an investor will get back all the invested capital.